Chemins de la Baie Chemins de la Baie Chemins de la Baie

Practical information

Accueil Practical information
Chemins de la Baie

Health :

The walk is done on soft sand silty place and you may have to cross some rivers knee deap.
In case of heath problème you must advise you guide before départure.

departure places

Departure places may varies, according to the date and the types of outing. And you, where are you going from ?
Appointment 30 minutes before departure time.

Chemins De La Baie

Departure from

Meeting place, outside the wall of Mont-Saint-Michel, at the « Fanils » entrance, 50 meters on left of main entrance (close to the bicycle parking spot).

Plan 30 / 45 minutes from Mont-Saint-Michel car park to the meeting place with the shuttle.

  • Parking is chargeable
Carte Chemins De La Baie

Equipment to provide

For all outings, you need :

  • Warm clothes
  • Waterproof garment
  • A backpack to put your shoes in
  • A bottle of water
  • A picnic if needed
  • A towel to dry your feet
  • Sunscreen
  • A hat or a cap
  • Sunglasses

Equipment for crossing the bay

  • From april to october : plan to do the walk barefooted and in shorts or leggings..
  • From november to march : plan neoprene shoes and leggings. We can provide some on demand 24 hours before departure time.

Let’s act for the environment

  • Let’s preserve the places: Start sites, the bay, the Mont… Everywhere !
  • Let’s preserve our drinking water resources…

Plan to bring back our waste

Let’s use natural water sources to wash our feets

Additionals informations

  • All the proposed outings are supervised by a professional guide
  • For people with disabilities, we have a wheelchair adapted for crossing the Bay.
  • All outings, with the exception of the ‘Traversée matinale‘ and ‘Traversée nocturne‘, are accessible to children.
  • Stimulate the curiosity of the youngest, some outings are especially intended for teh children.
  • We can offer you entrance tickets for visiting the Abbey of Mont Saint-Michel.
  • Dogs are welcome but must be tied on a lead at all times. But they are not accepted in the shuttles of Mont Saint-Michel as well as in our formulas with return by bus.
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