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Guided walk in the bay

Accueil Guided walk in the bay

If you are at the Mont-Saint-Michel with family or friends. Take this opportunity to discover the other side of the Mont and learn more about the bay. We will take you walking in water, on sandbars and mud at a slow pace. On the way discovering quick sand and the naturel beauties of the bay and Mont.


Guided walk ine the bay close to Mont-Saint-Michel. Outings in july and august, see shedule at the bottom of the page.

This walk lasts 2h30 for a distance of 3 to 4 km. Outing accessible to everyone, even young children!

Environ 3 à 4 km
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AdultsChildren (3 to 14 years old)Children (less than 3 years old)
15,00 €8,00 €Gratuit
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12 to 24 paying people: you will benefit from a reduction of €0.50 per person

25 paying people or more: you will benefit from a reduction of 1€ per person

For praticle informations :

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